Welcome to my Cello studio, where I have the great pleasure of sharing my love of music and singing with students of all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced professionals.

This short information sheet is designed to introduce you to some of the important information, while at the same time outlining some details that help make the studio run smoothly. It is my main hope that your lessons will be an opportunity for you to explore the joy of performing and that you will find them interesting, helpful and fun.

Every lesson is different since every student is unique; in general, however, my teaching approach is twofold.  First, I hope to help you to get to know your natural abilities – where it lies, its special colors, and how it works technically, all of which will help you to play at your best: freely and without injury. Second, and most important, I hope to help you to play expressively, to apply all you learn about your cello and how to use it to the wonderful art of cello performance, the beauty, and importance of which I believe in most strongly.

To these ends, lessons with me will feature a mixture of cellos exercises, etudes, excerpts, showpieces, sonatas, concertos, orchestra repertories, and discussion about your cello playing and the music you are performing. Some lessons may concentrate solely on the interpretation of one piece, or on the text of the piece and how to get it into your body and your thoughtful responses. Others will concentrate more on technique, that is, on the building of the cello technique, and on the development of the relationship between your cello and your artistic responses, including how you can respond your technical challenges and get the expressive and coloristic effect you desire as part of your interpretation of a piece.

Your input and feedback are essential at every stage of the way! Please do everything you can to take an active part in this process. Most of all I want to help you to find your personal, unique voice, and to have what we do together fit well with the journey as a cellist. Be attentive when you are practicing and performing between lessons so you can be a partner in our process of learning. Let me be a guide rather than “instructor” on your journey – the journey to discovering your expressive potential as manifest in your cello performance.

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