String Teacher, Conductor and Founder of Somerville String Camp 

   I have worked with Silas De Oliveira for many years at Somerville String Camp, which I founded in 1994 and directed for nineteen years. He proved to be an outstanding teacher of both cello classes and chamber music groups. He was always well prepared and on time for his classes, added many innovative aspects to the curriculum, and often assisted and cooperated with the other teachers.  He also invariably ended up with his students being extremely motivated and enthusiastic. The number of enrolled cello players skyrocketed after he began teaching the cello groups! 

Silas is also very organized and an excellent planner. I can foresee that he would make a wonderful administrator, although it would be a pity to take him away from teaching the classes at which he so excels. 


Web Developer and Composer 

        Silas played a very challenging piece of mine when we attended The Boston Conservatory together. To this day, it’s one of the best recordings I have of my own compositions. Silas is a remarkable cellist with a great ear and a musical curiosity that leads him to push himself to do outstanding work even when working in unfamiliar territory.


Parent of a Private Student 

        Our son has been a private student with Silas for nearly seven years. Silas has helped our son achieve confidence and musicality and inspires him to become a better cellist, student and person. Most importantly, Silas helped him navigate his way to playing the cello for the love of playing. Our has son performed in chamber groups, youth orchestras, and ensembles as well as the MMEA NE districts with all state recommendation. He has had successful college auditions and will minor in cello performance in college. 

       Silas is a very intuitive and dynamic teacher and has an outstanding ability to recognize an individual student’s needs, both musically and emotionally. He brings great energy to each lesson with a celebratory teaching style while maintaining strict levels of technical achievement and preparedness. He is a true mentor who helps his students tailor and navigate their cello practice and performance.

Silas de Oliveira is a gifted teacher and musician and a delightful and caring person.


Author ABCs of Strings & Complete Technique, Publisher Carl Fischer Music

     Silas De Oliveira Is a wonderful cellist with vast experience teaching and performing. His conducting is superb and inspiring. His students are incredibly enthusiastic in his orchestra and at their intensive private lessons. I would highly recommend him for hire in any teaching program. He would be an asset in growing any string department. 


Director, Alexander Technique Teacher-Training Program at Boston Conservatory at Berklee

     Silas is a thoughtful and generous performer. His performances are heartfelt and always carry a meaningful message.

Stacey Miller McDermott

Independent Internet Professional  & Mother of a Private Students 

Silas is one of those rare teachers that a child will remember and appreciate for a lifetime. He perfectly balances high expectations and pushing toward new heights with loving encouragement and support. He has taught my children so much more than cello. He teaches them to persevere and to focus, patiently working on it week by week. I consider him a fantastic mentor to my boys. I would love it if he could stay their teacher forever.

Joseph Gotoff

Doctoral Candidate at New England Conservatory

Silas brings passion and energy to his work, and is an inspiring leader to his students, guiding them towards excellence with a teaching style that is firm but kind and based on mutual respect.

Nancy Serrano-Wu

Associate Attorney at Law Office of Macias & Greenstein LLC & Parent of a Private Student 

Having worked with Silas for several years, I can attest to his great talent in working with students. He is generous with his time, and as a result really gets the know your child. He is creative - glow-in-the dark classes, online composing, apps to improve tempo and pitch. His classes are engaging and educational. Try him once, and your child will be hooked!

Jonathan Bass

Piano Faculty, The Boston Conservatory

Several years ago I coached Silas in Chamber Music at Boston Conservatory and found him to be a talented cellist with an engaging personality, and I enjoyed working with him. I also remember being impressed that he devoted a great deal of time outside of his studies teaching children through the El Sistema program. I got the sense that he is a dedicated and passionate teacher -- a man on a mission. I believe that Silas de Olveira will make an important contribution as a musician and music educator.

Eric Mrugala

Masters in Violin Performance at University of Massachusetts Amherst

Silas is a true professional; helping cello students achieving their musical goals in the Greater Boston area.

Bezerra Family

Private Student Family 

             Silas has been a Cello tutor for my 13 year old daughter Arielle for almost 3 years now. She has grown immensely on her techniques and performance skills.  During this period she has participated on the String Ensemble in Medford, under the conductor Sophia Chang and the group has won a Silver medal in 2017 and a Gold Medal in 2018 on MICCA Festival - Silas worked weekly on her preparation for each song. Under his care and recommendation, she recently has auditioned and been accepted at the Tufts Youth Philharmonic, which will happen in the Fall.


I'm very thankful for all the help and effort Silas has put into my daughter's life and music education and I want to express my support as he pursues this next phase in his career.


BPO - EL Sistema Somerville Bass faculty

 I have worked with Silas over the past year in my role at the program.  Throughout this time, I have witnessed the depth of impact that he has on the students in in the program.  He is clear and consistent in his expectations of the students. At the beginning of each program day, the students respond immediately when Silas demands for their focused attention.  At the same time, he is funny and playful with the students in a way that allows them to shake off the day and bring their best selves to the program.


           I have been inspired by Silas’ support for a particular young cello student with demonstrated special needs.  On several occasions, this student has had meltdowns with the potential to derail an entire group. Silas has been able to connect with this student in these moments and over time in a way that has allowed for his full participation and growth in the program.  


            Not only does Silas support and nurture the growth of every student, he is an inspirational  leader of our staff. He inspires me to be the best teaching artist I can be. I appreciate Silas’ texts at the end of a difficult week thanking the group for our hard work.  He is impeccably organized, creating charts, graphs, calendars, and bulletins that makes it much easier for me to focus on my job of delivering high-quality instruction to my students.  When I have questions or concerns about the program, I know that I can turn to him for information and support.

George Ogata

MITSPO conductor , Lean-Agile Leader, Evangelist, and Transformation Expert

For many years, Silas de Oliveira was a member of the cello section of the MIT Summer Philharmonic Orchestra (MITSPO), an ensemble I conduct. He demonstrated a keen enthusiasm for the music we performed and a sincere, camaraderie-filled connection with his fellow cellists. In addition, I have been fortunate to have worked with his own student in MITSPO, a reflection of how he has been make a tremendous impact on others as a teacher.

Giselle Ochoa

AVP, Channel Development Manager at Bank of America

Silas by far is one of the best customer service associates I had the pleasure to work with during my time as an FCM. He is incredibly engaging and caring with his clients. He leads the conversations with his empathy and gains buy-in in order to make the best recommendations to his clients, all while providing a world class client experience! 

Nhi Nguyen

Relationship Banker

Silas is an extraordinary individual and an amazing employee. Silas does an excellent job with his clients and is a true asset to our team and organization as a whole. He is always willing to offer his assistance in order to see his team succeed. Silas is a true born leader. His high energy and positive attitude is noticed and appreciated by everyone!

Benua Cezmalli

Relationship Banker

Silas and I have been co-workers at Bank of America for over a year and we have collaborated on many projects and training sessions over time. As a work colleague, there are few people I have observed that can match the motivation and outstanding work ethic he possess. His extensive knowledge on a wide range of subjects has earned the respect of the organization. Aside from his professionalism, on a personal level he is a caring and compassionate person. He is a tremendous asset to Bank of America and would represent the organization as well as anyone.

Sadeke Smith

Small Business Specialist

Silas is a true leader and role model . He is hardworking ,meticulous and pays attention to detail . Silas takes is jobseriously , exudes so much passion and professionalism in allthat he does .

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